FLO is an experimental product to aid the world in water sustainability. Using the FLO band, anyone can monitor their individual water sources, track their usage, and help save water for those who need it most. 

*Thumbnail art for this page is a Gary Guydosh sculpture.


The clear, almost hidden band uses infrared sensors to capture the volume of water used from individual water sources. The FLO logo glows to notify you when the sources is turned on.

  1. Start by organizing each unique band with its corresponding location.
  2. Closely monitor your water usage with daily, weekly, and monthly goals.
  3. Get detailed data on each bands' water usage and time of use.
  4. Receive insightful alerts on water usage habits and helpful tips to preserve water.
  1. Horizontal sensors capture the distance between each other when parallel. This provides FLO with the diameter and the area of any water source. 
  2. Vertical sensors monitor the speed and total time when the water is in use. This provides the FLO application with the volume and water used each time a water source us turned on to help track usage and future progress. 
  3. The center chip collects data and sends information to the FLO app. 
  4. The FLO backlight indicates when the water source is in use. 

Explanation Video